Corporate Profile

ComfortDelGro Rent-A-Car (formerly known as CityLimo) is the market leader in the Singapore’s car rental & leasing industry since it was established in 1981. The rental car company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited, one of the world's largest publicly-listed land transport company. ComfortDelGro operates in seven countries – Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Ireland, Vietnam, Malaysia – giving it the broadest footprint amongst its international peers. As a subsidiary, ComfortDelGro Rent-a-Car is able to offer an extensive fleet for rental cars in Singapore.

With 38 years of car rental experience, ComfortDelGro Rent-A-Car has built a reputation of reliability and dependability. We offer car rental services so you can rent a car on a daily, monthly and long-term basis, as well as chauffeur-driven services. Our strength lies in having a dedicated team of managers and staff who are not only well-trained, but are constantly working towards providing the best service to all our customers.

With the tremendous support from our corporate business partners and customers in Singapore and beyond, we are looking towards reaching greater heights and offer the best models for every client who wishes to rent cars for various occasions.




ComfortDelGro Rent-A-Car's corporate customers in Singapore include multinational corporations, financial institutions, government institutions, regional representative offices of foreign businesses and many others. We are also the sole provider of monthly and long term car rental & leasing services for many corporations in Singapore.

Our fleet of rental cars in Singapore are ideal for corporate use. With this, you can rent a car for your long mile business trips, have a spacious rental car when you need to travel with your team, chauffeur a VIP in an elegant car rental and more. We also offer flexible plans for our corporate rental cars. You may rent a car for short term or long term depending on your requirements. All of these are part of our commitment to delivering the best services to make our clients’ drive more rewarding.

Some things to consider before booking a car rental in Singapore
So you need a car for your corporate meetings or business trips? While you can easily browse our website for the most stunning vehicle to impress your business partners, appearance is just one of the considerations you should think through when you rent a car. Here are some of the things you may want to consider before booking our rental cars:

  • Purpose
    Your purpose for renting a car can spell the difference in the car model you would want to book. Do you want to leave an impression on your business partners? Do you wish to carry a lot of luggage with you for a long term business trip? Do you need to offer a luxurious ride for an investor? Get a rental car that best suits your requirement.
  • Seating Capacity
    How many people will be boarding the rental car? Do you need more seating capacity? Are you opting for more leg room? Ask yourself these questions before booking a car rental for a hassle-free ride.
  • Price
    ComfortDelGro Rent-a-Car offers a wide range of rental cars. You can find affordable rental cars as well as luxury car rental from our fleet. Find one that will suit your budget without compromising your goals.
  • Duration
    How long do you need to rent the car? Our short term car rental is more affordable if you will need the car for a day or two. Should you want a discount for long-term rental car, we also offer monthly leasing for lower rates.


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